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2012 Candidates and Their Brands

A survey conducted by Landor Associates and strategic research and communication firm Penn Schoen Berland in September compares brand perceptions of the Presidential candidates and their wives. Just as they express the personalities of large organizations, as well as small ones, brand identities can also say a great deal about an individual. This press release from Landor details the brands associated with each candidate in a simple chart.


Hmmm. More clever than accurate. Anyone that knows a mormon (and his wife) knows they don't drink coffee or any kind of alcohol. Also, Romney was all about making drastic cuts in govt. & being Mr. Tight Budget. Opera & Armani, fan of Europe? Obama is the multi-trillion dollar wasteful drunk-on-other people's money type, jetting around the world on vacation after & vacation, playing golf more than any other prez. in history. Smells like propaganda... this "art" is. Works, I guess. Very effective when the electorate can barely read. A picture is worth a thousand words, truthful or not.
November 9, 9:47 PM