The Whitney's New W on

The Whitney's New W

The new identity for the Whitney Museum in New York, designed by Dutch consultancy Experimental Jetset, takes off in an entirely different direction just as the museum itself prepares to move to the Meatpacking District from the Upper East Side in 2015. Renzo Piano designed the much-anticipated building and the logo takes inspiration from the architecture while also centering on the concept of a “responsive W,” developed by Experimental Jetset. A thin-line W serves as a holding device for text as well as a reference to the pulse of a heartbeat.

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This museum represents incredible works of art, should the logo not represent that? The haphazardly moving lines make each iteration look like a mistake rather than intentional. The public will not be viewing the progression of logos in the same space, so the story is lost there. I actually prefer the old one - not because it's good, but because the new solution isn't better. Interesting how the logo on their web site is a whole different iteration with verticals. It's a very confused and confusing mark. FAIL.
June 6, 10:40 AM
I like it - it's really cool how it has movement, so many logos are confined these days - this is fun!
May 30, 1:01 AM