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Like the Lightboxes you're accustomed to using, these virtual storage spaces put you in the driver's seat as you organize and keep track of logo collections. But rather than sources of inspiration, Trendboxes will help you and the design community identify and track ... well, trends.

See what other users have marked as trends here

Smart Lightboxes / Saved Searches

Ever forgot what search had given you the perfect set of logos? You can now click + Save Search, and your search is saved for future reference. Your saved searches will show up in your lightbox, and be viewable from the Lightboxes link in the menu.

Your search for red fish sports will never be forgotten again. :)

External Designer Profiles

While LogoLounge has historically been used as a tool for research and not a portfolio replacement, after many, many suggestions from the design community we have created a public profile that shows off a bit about the company. Here will be contact information, example work, awards, and a description of your company.

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iPad Viewable

While we're working on making the website more responsive, the website is now viewable on the iPad just like the website. A version for the phones will be coming soon.